Transformation and start of self-employment

Lots of challenges

As the saying goes, every beginning is hard. On the other hand, any end would certainly be easy, but simply giving up on any challenge is unlikely to be the right one either. By the way, I had a lot of challenges.

If there are topics that have accompanied me in the last two years in terms of self-employment and web design, then the following:

  • the difference between being a visionary and a dreamer
  • the transformation into a new phase of life
  • letting go
  • heart and mind – an unequal pair
  • allow weaknesses and believe in its strengths

It often happens that one can make a virtue out of necessity. Then this is always a success of a special kind. So I came to the decision to run a blog page. Those who deal with SEO will surely smile with a nod, but, yes, running a blog has a very positive effect on your SEO.

Not so long ago I froze in fright at the expression “SEO”. What on earth am I supposed to do? I did not know anything about it. Half of my knowledge in web design was with w3school. This website was given to me by a friend before 2012 and today I can recommend it to anyone who deals with, among other things, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, SQL and JQuery.

Motivation and inspiration

When it came to self-employment, it was always clear to me to get as much motivation and inspiration as possible. A big contribution to this was made by the book Making Mavericks by Ian Spiegelman. It captivates the challenges in the life of surf surfer and surf instructor Frosty Hesson and Jay Moriarity, the young surfer legend from California who one day had a fatale accident while surfing.

book cover making mavericks

In retrospect, I recognize the importance and the rightness of the moment to develop in a direction in which my inner voice led me. My body had signaled to me long before that it was time for a change. But I had been distracted way to much from life in Zurich, where I used to live and work for more than ten years.

Preparatory phase

So how did I go about building a life as a Digital Nomad?

  1. First of all learn, learn, learn! I spent years building up knowledge. In addition, I watched hundreds of tutorials. Here are some examples: codeacademy, youtube, codeschool and many articles on the Internet too. I learned theory chapter after chapter. Also, I was not to shy of pushing the Web Publisher’s Schools course at Adult Education Zurich (EB Zurich), and even took private lessons. Thinking about it, how many long nights have I spent online before theory and tasks? During this thime other people in the house slept deeply and peacefully.
  2. Visualize. I always imagined how I wanted to live a happy and fulfilled life. I knew it was connected to independence, web design and the sea. Although, I still have not moved into my room overlooking the sea, I still visualize it.
  3. Be patient. I have lived through frustrations and unfortunately depressions and accepted them without complaining. But I knew, these are all signs that my visions spring from my inner self and I’m on the right track.
  4. Detaching chains. By that I mean, if you, like me, really intend to set yourself up, or in my case, move abroad, you may have to forgo a beautiful prestige car, expensive clothes, and expensive vacations. Slowly but surely get rid of everything that binds you in the long term – if you can. Of course, children and your life partner must be included in the plans.
  5. Create motivation from hobbies and passions, while you have more and more concrete plans and ideas, in which form it goes on. Hence, I get a lot of strength through e.g. Meditation, playing saxophone, drawing and fitness.

Go for it!

saxophon_practice_at_beach logo designing at a bar

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